Quilting: Celebrating our 24th Anniversary

About Us

Ruby recalls the peace of country life growing up on a Mennonite farm in South Dakota. As an adult, she found herself at a professional crossroads; without a college education or formal skills she needed a way to support herself.  Over 17 years ago Ruby Nelsen came up with an idea....combine her love of her childhood country life with her passion for quilting and build something good for others. As a child she remembers sitting under the quilt frame as her Mother and Grandmother quilted while singing old Mennonite hymns and realized how happy they were with their simple lives and wanted that happiness in her own life.
 Ruby established her company, then called Homemade Stitches in 1993 to serve fellow quilters who wanted their finished quilt tops hand quilted.  Since its inception, her company has employed expert Amish and Mennonite quilters from across a five state region in the upper Midwest, to turn out beautiful finished quilts that have garnered consistent praise from her customers. Ruby is determined to run a top-notch company for everyone involved and feels a responsibility to the Amish and Mennonite women who quilt for her, to provide them with steady work for decent pay and by treating her customers fairly by providing them the best service at competitive pricing.
An expert in hand quilting, Ruby caters to customers who dream of a specially finished quilt and has expanded her company to now offer custom Amish-style quilt making and an Amish inspired  pattern line. Whether your project is an unfinished quilt, a quilt top needing batting and binding, a family heirloom quilt needing restoration or simply a quilt "dream" project Ruby will work hard to accommodate your needs and make that dream come true. Staying close to her roots helps Ruby bring a certain commitment to her work, "It's all about making others happy!" A happy customer makes it all worthwhile for all of us at Ruby's Hand Quilting Service.